Aug 31 2009

Opt-In Email Marketing : Setting Up Automatic Income Streams

Damian Leon, YOUR Internet Success Guide

Damian Leon, YOUR Internet Success Guide

Opt-In Email Marketing can be setup in such a way as to provide you with profits and activity even when you’re on vacation or traveling for fun. Ask yourself now is your business simply another job or a proper business? What’s the test to find out? Well, do you work more IN your business or ON it? Could you leave your business for a week and the profits stay consistent? What about 2 weeks? If your profit would die in two weeks, you have a job. Here are some things you can do to prevent creating more jobs for yourself, and instead create stable income streams.

1)    Pre-record as much content: eg: emails, pre-sales communications, offers, complete sales funnels, video content, etc.  Create a content factory if you will, and have an assistant, if only part time to aid if you are able. If not do more work up front, but then pre-populate your autoresponder with the appropriate materials.  You’ll be surprised that the same income you can get from sending mails every day can still come in on an automated basis.

2)    Promote continuity and membership sites often, both as an affiliate and later on, with your own content. What a wonderful benefit to have steady and ever increasing income each month, before you even actively promote anything. That’s the power of promoting continuity programs like membership sites. One program paying $40 per member per month, can quickly add up, with only 20 members paying you a steady $800 a month.

3)    Outsource where possible. Look to markets outside the USA, UK, Canada, or Australia for your resources, where labor is much more reasonable. With technologies like Skype and Google docs for tracking and working together, there’s no reason to not outsource more and more as you go and cashflow increases. You can get your first outsourcer part time from just a few hundred dollars a month. Well worth countless hours saved. They can do everything from content creation, SEO, website work, and more.

4)    Work ON your business but not IN it.  As the business owner you should always look to improve processes within your business. Your main aim is to reach more people (more leverage) and provide even increasing value. Work at the strategy level. Attend seminars and possess the knowledge and tools, and let others implement them more and more.

5)    Practice continuous improvement and testing. The Japanese call it Kaizen, in the USA it’s called improving the sales funnel. But whatever the name, the concept is the same. Do testing, compare two things at a time, focus on what’s working, and then do more testing, until response rates improve over and over. A great tool for that is called

6)    Increase responsiveness by engaging your audience on multiple levels: text, video, audio, imagery, polling and interactivity, and social networking are all ideas to increase interaction and responsiveness. This will increase profits that are made from the same efforts, compounding your work over time. This will also create customer loyalty and increase repeat purchases and referrals. What you will gain is much higher customer value and build real relationships that will pay you for years to come.

Make your customers comfortable with you and your buying process, and feel appreciated and you will have a stable business asset in your life. Improve and automate and you will have your time as well as business income, which is really priceless!

Damian Leon, YOUR Internet Success Guide

Aug 31 2009

Email Marketing Opt In Rates: How to Increase Responsiveness and Profits

Damian Leon, YOUR Internet Success Guide

Damian Leon, YOUR Internet Success Guide

Massive profits in email marketing are possible, even if you don’t have a large list. How? By massively increasing the responsiveness of the list you have now. You can drive up response rates from single digits to 15% or more for opens and a surprising amount of buying activity. Equally importantly, you can establish habitual buying in your customer base that will pay you over and over to grow your business.

So what must you do to build responsiveness in your list? Here are some great tips for quickly driving that response rate for email marketing opt in subs through the roof!

1)    Add video to your messages/blogs. The initial message can be text, but it will work well if they need to click midstream through the message to read (eg: watch the rest) where you’ve posted your video. Remember, people buy from people they know, like, and trust. It’s really incredible the amount of rapport you can build with a few personable videos here and there. Remember, get a decent camera, and have a nice solid black or white background with bright enough lighting to have a quality effect. It needn’t cost more than $500 in total.

2)    Weave your story and small (relevant) anecdotes into the communications with your list. Remember, at the end of the day it’s best to speak to peoples as a person, and to let your humanity and some quirks shine through. Remember you want to memorable with your audience so your name alone or company name alone triggers an open. If you communicate as a company name, pick stories or testimonials out to share in portions of your communication.

3)    Sell through education.  Actually, provoke the impulse to buy through quality education. Remember, people don’t like to be sold, but everyone knows it’s a lot of fun to buy, in a respectful and fun environment. You know that instinctively, provide interesting and relevant free education and do it often. Again videos are great. Then, weave relevant promotions and offers in the education process, on the page and within the video itself. Provide education and plant the seeds of the necessary components within the learning process.  This will do all the selling beforehand. The actual offer will be matter of fact, quick and timely, and will not need lots of selling, as they will already be sold on things.

4)    Reward the behavior you want to encourage! If you want people to opt in, offer a free gift for them to do so. Want referrals? Setup a nice bonus and viral system on your site and have them get additional bonuses of value for referring friends. Most importantly, encourage and make buyers feel very special! Remember that you want to encourage a lifetime of buying, so always be thinking of ways you can encourage your buyers to continue to do so! One idea could be to create a special email list just for them and give them a free monthly bonus for being part of the buyers club.

Remember, the money is not only in the list, but instead in the response you receive to your efforts. Why not increase your profits by increasing your responsiveness with these simple steps?

Damian Leon, YOUR Internet Success Guide

Aug 31 2009

Opt In Marketing: Creating a Loyal Captive Audience

Damian Leon, YOUR Internet Success Guide

Damian Leon, YOUR Internet Success Guide

Did you know it’s possible to create a near perfect buying environment and virtually eliminate competition in your opt in marketing plans? It’s a strategy that’s been employed by many multi-millionaires and is best understood in billionaire circles. It’s known as command and control and is especially effective in direct response Internet marketing.

But, what is Command and Control and what do billionaires know that few others do?  Some examples of control networks include Rupert Murdoch Fox series of networks and news outlets and the Virgin family under Richard Branson. Loyalty comes from a sense of belonging.

You’re solving different problems for different lists (fan bases), but with common synergies that cause rapid buying behavior!

Because you created a good incentive with real value, the people in your opt in marketing audience will be there by choice. They’ve said that they’d like to hear from you and have your opinion and input in the area you formed the relationship in.

What you really have is a great potential customer base. What you need to do is to interact with them to form a great message to market match. (To ensure that the products and services you create or recommend that you offer or recommend are based on their needs.

One way to ensure this is to always make sure your communications fit the original frame and overall promise you made when communication began. For example the content, if begun on health and wellness, should probably remain in these areas. Perhaps an occasional email could contain complementary items too or content, but not too far off target!

What command and control allows you to do is to move your audience through a process where they will continually upgrade their commitment level and loyalty to you. This will increase overall spend and will ensure that you are the first person or company they consider when searching for solutions.

To ensure true command and control profitability, always remember to increase and manage the energy levels and responsiveness levels of your audience. This will also increase their buying energy. Ways to do this, include incorporating personable video, polling and surveys, and contests and bonuses for actions you want to encourage.

For example you could have an automated script that they could submit their email login and password to find all their email contacts, and if they referred your site to 10 or more friends, they could receive an additional bonus worth $79.

Soon, you’ll be encouraging exactly the actions you want. You will actually reward your customers for helping to grow your business, for when they give more information, and especially when they buy.

All of this will start to build on itself and move you to the point where you produce a more and more mutually profitable and efficient sales funnel.  When your sales funnel is profitable on average for each opt-in, you will e able to give more and more away for free on the front end.

Having a profitable back end will greatly increase your attractiveness to potential customers, as more can be given away for free or very low cost in the front. This will continue to refine through testing and profitability will increase even more.

Damian Leon, YOUR Internet Success Guide

Aug 27 2009

Opt-In Email Marketing – Incredible Results at Warp Speed

Damian Leon, YOUR Internet Success Guide

Damian Leon, YOUR Internet Success Guide

Summary: How to Speed Up Your Opt-In Email Marketing Efforts and Accelerate Them for Massive Effect!

You can totally Dominate in your Opt-In email marketing efforts. You can completely steamroll over your competition and have them crying for the Momma!

But how? You just need to combine a few points of leverage and strategies together. Because almost no one else is doing these things together, you can rest assured domination will be yours if you combine them together.

So, let’s get started! Two things you need: You need a good free item to give away on your squeeze page (capture page) where you collect the name and email and give away a free gift.

But you need more. You need to go get your AWAI Copywriting course  (search Google). If you want a shortcut, go find some great opt-in pages and study what makes you want to submit your details.

Here’s some hints: Give them lots of chances to enter their details, have the page flow well, put the word you in a lot, and have it totally benefit oriented. Put a nice attractive picture of the free item on the page and put another form right under that. Make it tangible!

Tell them exactly what to do on that page, down even to the wording on the button. Leave no guesswork! If your button says Give me My Free Report! then say: Put in Your First Name and Email, and Click the Button Give Me My Free Report. In big type. Be exact, tell them exactly what you want them to do.

MANY will comply because you already have implied authority just by the presence of your site. Continue this authority, continue your posture throughout the site. You are the authority here and they are coming to you to solve a problem. Help them do that right up front by this method and you’ll build a great fan base.

Alright, having a great page is good, but how do you get massive amounts of people to it? Multiple streams of Traffic. Start with article marketing, writing 1 article a day or having it written, that points to your site, and blast it out using every tool you can.

With these articles, remember to ensure that you did your keyword research too, and these articles should each focus on one of say 3 primary keywords you pick for your campaign. Have the keyword once in the title, once in the summary, and once in the first 200 words of the article body. The article body should be 400-600 words.

Change a few words, convert it to PR (Press Releases) and blast one of those a week too. (Not more than that for PRs or Google will see you as spamming). Use automated tools to convert it to video (search Google), then blast out with further automated tools.

Do the same with social bookmarking, pings, Squidoo, viral features on your own Blog (eg: Tell a Friend), RSS, and more. It all comes from that single article you wrote or had written in the beginning. The content factory is going to be the cornerstone of your traffic system.

You need to establish your authority right up front, by solving a problem up front. Eg: your free gift, then added value on top in your communications.

These lists become spheres of influence for you. One can be your general consumer list, another your affiliate list (later on). This a billionaire strategy called creating a command and control audience.

eg: Rupert Murdoch and networks for one example & Richard Branson with the people in the fold of the Virgin brand identity. Loyalty comes from a sense of belonging. Buying follows and profits start to snowball…

Damian Leon, YOUR Internet Success Guide

Aug 27 2009

Rocketing Your Email Marketing Opt In Rates : List Building and Traffic Methods Combined

Damian Leon, YOUR Internet Success Guide

Damian Leon, YOUR Internet Success Guide

Summary: Take list building and your email marketing opt in rates to an extreme new level in record time! This article will show you how to couple best practice list building with extreme traffic methods for incredible results!

Why do you need a huge email list and why is that important to help your business thrive? The reason is it provides you with extreme leverage. Your influence is perpetually increasing with every email marketing opt in. Then every one of your efforts continues to multiply.  Why is this important? Simple.

You will make a lot more money and you will build solid buyer relationships that can endure for years!

Nearly everyone talks about list building and mentions the basic components you need. To recap, you need to setup capture (squeeze pages) which simply are one page sites that offer something of value in exchange for a first name and email address. Yes, you must have that.

But, once that site is up and collecting, how do you get the volume of people to it to go into your list? You need Traffic!

How can you capture Extreme amounts of Traffic?

Here are my top ways for getting thousands of people to my opt-in pages!

1) Create a Content Factory Remember: the article is the basis of everything, from that you can produce everything else quickly.

2) Write one article per business day, then scaling up to 3-4 per business day. At first, write these yourself, buy materials ready to go and rewrite, or have them written for a minimum fee. (You can have them written for just a few dollars each up to 10 dollars each depending on the quality you need).

3) Manually submit to eZinearticles first, then submit using, and other tools for example SeNuke.

4) Rework to Press Release (Just follow instructions on and Submit (Max 1x per week- they’re a bit more sensitive)

5) Create Simple Powerpoint with Words on It and Create Video Out of That (Search Google For Helpful Tools)

6) Blast Video Out to Video Sites with (free tool)

7) Use Article Content on Your Blog

8) Use Article Content in Your Autoresponder to Help Your Customers

9) Ping and Social Bookmark Your Site Through Tools on Web

10) Add to Social Networking Profiles Such as Facebook Etc.

Make sure in all these submissions that they are pointing back to your Capture Page (Squeeze Page) web page, and no other. It should be a static page nothing else, not a multi-page site.

This is what I call a content factory, and it’s what’s required to build massive traffic to your squeeze page (so they can get their gift and get collected into your system.) It has an incredible compounding effect.

At first you can do it by yourself, and then outsource portions as you can, but remember you should always control and refine the PROCESS as the business owner. That’s your job!

Soon you will generate massive traffic and an incredible list, just be consistent and increase your efficiency as you go. See you at the top!

Damian Leon, YOUR Internet Success Guide

Aug 26 2009

Opt-In Email Marketing Rapid Success

Damian Leon, YOUR Internet Success Guide

Damian Leon, YOUR Internet Success Guide

Opt-In Email Marketing is an amazing way of reaching a highly targeted audience of potential buyers. If done right, you will have a high quality and responsive customer base to communicate with, provide value to, and market to for years to come. It’s a real asset.

To begin, you’ll need to ensure the first page people see is an opt-in page. This is also known as a “squeeze page” or “capture page”, and is essential in Opt-In Email Marketing. This opt-in page is a simple but Amazingly Powerful tool you MUST have as the first page people see. The reason? It converts “traffic” to “potential customers” – because you can keep in contact with anyone who opts in, many times for years to come.

It’s best to keep your opt-in page simple (you can always redirect them to your more “pretty” page/site after they fill in the details and collect their gift!)

Take a look around the Internet for opt in pages in your niche, with free reports or audios that seem to convince you to want to put in your information to get the gift. If it worked on you, it will probably work on your audience in your niche.

So then, just click in your browser View Source, and you can copy and paste the html code into a simple free html editor like NVU, or the one of your choice. Now, you can have a template to work with. OF COURSE you will need to change it up to make it more original, and be careful not to use any images that are copyrighted etc. However, you’ll have a good basic template to work with there.

Remember with these opt-in pages, “pretty” usually does WORSE than “ugly”. So, keep it simple, keep it urgent, and make sure that you are listing real benefits to your potential subscriber as to why he will IMMEDIATELY BENEFIT from the free gift on offer. As for where to get the free gift, one way is to take existing PLR documents off the Internet and improve upon them, changing up titles and improving content.

Another option, simply write your own 10-15 page document from what you know about your niche (or record a short audio or video) keeping in you’re your gift should solve some problems for your audience- that should be the focus of this gift to increase opt-ins. Your goal for opt-in rates when giving away a free gift should be a 50% or more opt-ins for all visitors to the page.

To collect the first names and email addresses of your new potential customers, make sure you have a good autoresponder and NOT a free one.

Damian Leon, YOUR Internet Success Guide

Aug 26 2009

Opt In Marketing : Seven Steps to Powerful Results

Damian Leon, YOUR Internet Success Guide

Damian Leon, YOUR Internet Success Guide

Opt In Marketing on the Internet can be extremely profitable. This article reveals 7 easy steps you can apply to get powerful results. Leading to many more customers and sales!

Opt In Marketing is extremely powerful. You see it every day on the Internet, stories of how some people are able to send a simple mail and generate thousands of dollars. Seemingly on demand. But, what does it take to create that sort of reality for yourself? It seems like an uphill battle at first, but you CAN get there. Here are 7 Easy Steps, starting from scratch, that will allow you to dominate in your opt in marketing efforts.

1) Choose a Niche: which means choose a target market you want to deal with. Maybe it’s Internet marketing, or maybe health and wellness. Once you’ve done that, get more specific. Maybe you want to target “SEO For Google” or “Preventing Cancer”. The reason is that as you get more specific, you have less competition and can compete better. Just make sure to check in the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to ensure that there are over 1000 searches per month for that keyword. Remember keywords like this are usually 2-3 words long.

2) Find or Create a Free Gift: You need to find or create a free gift to giveaway that can give immediate benefits to the person who receives the gift. You can find PLR (Private Label Rights) material by searching Google for PLR + your niche name. Furthermore, of course you can look to Wikipedia and other public domain websites for further input. Alternatively, you can create your own. It can be a PDF you create (save as PDF in Word at the end), an audio you buy the rights to or record, video, or other.

3) Create an Opt-In Page : Look around on the Internet. Go to pages where you see they are giving away free gifts in exchange for a First Name and Email. Find one that you would sign up for! Then download a free HTML editor like NVU. In your browser, click View: Source. Then copy all the source text, and paste it into the source tab in NVU. There you have a starting point. OF COURSE ensure that you have removed any copyrighted images etc and change it sufficiently to ensure it’s original. Place an Image of your gift on the page, with the top 4-5 benefits the prospect will receive from downloading it. Place this page on your server (you’ll need a hosting account).

4) Get an Autoresponder Account. An autoresponder is simply what collects the names and emails and mails them later. The only one that does the job for me is Aweber, because it allows the most flexibility and is by far the most reliable. In your autoresponder, you’ll want to create a list for this campaign. It shows you how to create the First Name and Email form too.

5) Drive Traffic to Your Opt-In Page. Just a few traffic methods you can use include: Article Marketing (with links on keywords), PR Releases, Video, Audio, JV Giveaway Events, JV Ad Swaps, SEO/Google Rankings, CPA and CPV Networks and More.

6) Create Multiple Streams of Traffic : Get good results from one, put that process in place, rinse and repeat. In not too long, you’ll have hundreds of people opting in every day to your list.

7) Nuture and Care for the List : Your listbuilding will be a lot more profitable if you send content as well as offers. Take care of them, be their teacher and friend, and solicit feedback. This will make things interactive and set you apart!

Damian Leon, YOUR Internet Success Guide

Aug 26 2009

Email Marketing Opt In Rates How You Can Increase Conversions To Gain More Customers

Damian Leon, YOUR Internet Success Guide

Damian Leon, YOUR Internet Success Guide


Gaining and retaining more customers is the goal of any business. This article will highlight what you can do in your landing pages to increase the percentage of people who opt in to your list.


You should aim for a higher than 50% opt-in rate for your squeeze (capture) pages. There are many things you can do to increase these email marketing opt in rates and gain more potential customers.

The first thing you can do is to ensure you offer a very attractive gift for them to exchange their info for. Remember, people will not just sign up for vague updates or a newsletter, nearly as often as they will signup for something they can download right then, like a free eBook, audio, or software.

Software companies have known this for years. That’s why they always focus on free trials and having the customer place in their information to get the download. You can do the same thing that has made many billions, by employing the same strategy in your business.

The second thing you can do to increase your email marketing opt in rates is to ensure your landing page is benefits focused. This means what’s in it for the customer, not what your giveaway product does (those are called features and no one cares too much!)

Think of it this way. Would the customer rather have a car because it had a new platinum battery, or because it never broke down on them and left them stranded on a dark road? More the latter! That’s the benefit to them.

So, keep your landing page simple with about 3-5 bullet points about the top benefits of the giveaway item, that they will be able to realize quickly upon putting in their information. People like fast.

Third, make it tangible. Place a clear and attractive image representing your gift, almost like they can reach out and touch it! This may just make their mouths water and their fingers move to put in their info! Remember at the end of the day in everything you do, you are solving their problems.

Fourth, test slightly different versions of your squeeze pages against each other and see which ones produce better results. (eg: higher percentage of opt-ins). One free and easy tool to use is called the Google Website Optimizer. It’s free, just search that phrase in Google. What you’re looking for is called the A/B split test. All it means is that it generates a special code, which rotates page version A then B, for each subsequent visit, and then shows you the percentage results each one is achieving.

You will quickly know which version is performing better, then all you need do is ditch the loser, and take the winner, save it as a new version and change it slightly.

Then perform another test. Just keep doing this split testing (as it’s called) over and over, each time you get say 200 or more visitors.  Soon you’ll have at least 50% opt ins, and hopefully a lot more!

So, in summary just remember to provide good value up front that solves real problems, and to test your results, always improving. Do this and soon you will have a huge list of appreciative customers!

Damian Leon, YOUR Internet Success Guide

Aug 26 2009

Opt-In Email Marketing: Using Your Name to Get Your Emails Open and Read

Damian Leon, YOUR Internet Success Guide

Damian Leon, YOUR Internet Success Guide

Summary: The first goal for any email that you send to your list must be it getting opened. Without an open, no matter how much great your email is, it will not get seen. This will show you how to get them to know, like and trust you- so they will open and will buy!

The challenges we face with email marketing are all the other things that compete with the attention of our customers. We know we live in a world with much distraction and many things going on, both online and off. And, its not getting more peaceful but even more busy as time goes on! How do we cut through the white noise and have our customers eager to open our emails? This is crucial to prospering in opt-in email marketing!

So what can you do? First of all you’ve probably heard the subject line is the first thing they see and what determines the open. This is partially true BUT – more important is how have you “framed” yourself to them in the lead-up to this email. This is what they are thinking when they see your name.

What perception do they have of you? Do they not know you, do they know you but think you only produce ads, or do they know, like and trust you- because you’re a relatable real person?

When they see your name or your organization’s name on the “from:”, imagine won’t you: what thoughts are going through their head? Are probably thinking “I wonder what they’re up to now” or “oh probably another ad- ignore”.

What does their perception mean to you in opt-in email marketing? Well let’s take a look at the psychology behind it and how you can use it to your advantage. Imagine if you will you are in New York City, the busiest part at Times Square. Would you be likely to listen to and engage everyone you passed on the street?

No, it wouldn’t work and would be totally overwhelming. Now, imagine if you were in busy Times Square and your good friend walked by you in the street. What would you do? Maybe shout, maybe run over to catch their attention (watch that taxi lol!) – anyway you get the point. If you saw your good friend you’d run to speak and listen to them.

So, their email boxes are Times Square. And you need to be their friend they are excited to see, NOT their marketer…!

How can you get there? Well, it won’t happen in just one email. Imagine it like this, you are dating your list. You need to show your humanity, vulnerability at times, and create bridges with them. Angry about something that happened in the marketplace, let them know! Have a story that can help them get over their fears? Tell them and help them.

Don’t strive to be Mr or Mrs. Perfect. Instead always seek first to understand before being understood. One way I do this is I very often times at the end of my mails or blog posts, ask what people think.

Damian Leon, YOUR Internet Success Guide

Aug 26 2009

Powerful Opt In Marketing Techniques That Set You Apart for Insane Responsiveness

Damian Leon, YOUR Internet Success Guide

Damian Leon, YOUR Internet Success Guide

Summary: How You Can Make Your Competition Cry for Their Momma and Gain an Unfair Advantage, in All Your Opt In Marketing Efforts.

You can do some incredible things with your marketing efforts, and you can win a loyal and yes, may I even say ravenous fan based that’s eager to buy from you!  How is this possible with all the white noise out there and all the emails which flood into their inbox every day? Do you want INSANE responsiveness in your opt in marketing? What’s the first thing that they see when they are scanning their inbox during the  day? They see your name. You need to make your name equal value, personal service, and be an entertaining and informative service that communicates with them.

Are they interested in you, do they see your name and want to read that mail? No? Maybe you haven’t really been interested in them first. Think about it. Did you know that you can rise to the top in any market rapidly and hold that position for years to come, even if you have no product and are competing with veteran millionaires there? Make yourself different. Make yourself memorable. Love on your customers and contacts (that will soon become customers) through personal attention and unrelenting value.  And throw some personality and entertainment in there to really put it over the line. Make sure to over-deliver and continue to do so.

That might be something as small as a personal note. Whenever you’re trying something new out, ask for input, ask for reactions, and keep asking. A great way to do that is to tie your mails into a Wordpress Blog on the backend, and solicit comments. Add viral features into your blog, like plugins which allow the ability to Tell Their Friends with address book autosearch, and the ability to repost your content virally to their social networking accounts like Facebook.

Always ask for their top concerns, and continue to do so. Reward them when they answer you and provide input, with a free bonus. Train them and encourage them to give input and keep the relationship two ways. You’re responisiveness will go way up, as most email lists out there are dead in the water because it’s a broadcast mentality.

Always be thinking about what their problems are and how you can make them go away. They will love you forever as a result! To heat things up a notch further, have personal and charismatic video communications to supplement your text communications. Remember your customers live in the same media rich world that you do, and people judge and gravitate toward engaging content.

Get a decent video camera, soft box lighting, and even consider doing live free trainings from time to time over video to really through things into an insane level of response! Integrate small stories into your content, and success stories where applicable. You want a totally interactive experience that is engaging people on all levels and is providing value yet personalized service and attention up front. Giving while wanting nothing. Remember, your audience are people and people understand when they’re being spoken to by autoresponders versus when they are being engaged. Find little personal ways to make yourself stand out, and you will be a real person who has built some amazing trust with people and they will be so grateful. It all starts with what’s in your heart. Is your first objective to solve their problems and make them feel that they can succeed? If so you will be wildly successful!

Damian Leon, YOUR Internet Success Guide

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