How to Instill Urgency in Your Opt-In Email Marketing

Damian Leon, YOUR Internet Success Guide

Damian Leon, YOUR Internet Success Guide

When you let your audience know that they need to act soon or the offer expires, you create the sense of urgency that turns prospects into customers. It’s needed because people will inevitably delay when they can, as that’s human nature.

Have you ever wondered what makes some listbuilding efforts become highly profitable, while others never make it?

This can even be seen in your own list, as some email converts better than others.  Several factors could of course be at play here, but the one we are going to focus on today is urgency and how to effect your opt-in email marketing campaigns.

Urgency is a key factor in successful campaigns. You need to let your customer know that if they don’t act right, then they will be missing something. In opt in marketing, you must convince them that if they do not act RIGHT NOW, they will not be getting the same offer as they would get in a few days, hours, or even minutes.

One major way to emphasis the urgency is to make it known that after a certain amount of your product will be sold, then the price will increase. You can do this by having a list on your squeeze page with the quantity available listed and then the price. For example:

·      10 Copies at $7

·      25 Copies at $27

·      50 Copies $47

·      All further copies will be sold at the full price of $97

This technique ensures that people who may put off buying the product for a day or two realize that if they wait, they will have to pay more. On the squeeze page, I advise marking through the first set of quantity and price. That way it will appear they have already missed out on the best deal, but if they act now, they will still save money on the offer.

This leads me into my next tip for increasing urgency. The words you choose to use on a squeeze page or a mailing from your audience. You should be sure you use powerful words in your copy that imply urgency. Limited time offer, limited quantity, act now, don’t miss this special offer. for example.

It’s a VERY effective strategy to use the Inner Circle or VIP mentality when communicating to your audience, because this backs up the sense of urgency. Further words like pre-release, Inner Circle, Time Limited, Etc are great here

Let them know that you only have a limited amount of your product, and you are making it available to them first. Always justify with a specific reason.

As long as you have kept all your list content useful, your customers will trust you to give them quality products. So this is were the trust and rapport work for you ten-fold. If you release the right amount of content at the right times when you make a special offer, your list will jump on it.

The sense of urgency you establish through your writing will let them know they have to act right then to get what they know will be a groundbreaking product from a trusted friend.

Damian Leon, YOUR Internet Success Guide

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