Opt-In Marketing: Increasing Profits and Building Loyalty

Damian Leon, YOUR Internet Success Guide

Damian Leon, YOUR Internet Success Guide

Opt-In Marketing is when you have customers or potential customers that have agreed to hear from you in exchange for extra value you will add to their lives through additional supporting content, news and offers.

Remember, to their perspective there may be a lot of places on where they can buy products and services, but many times they are looking for a little something extra. Think to yourself, how can you provide that little extra guidance, support, or complimentary ideas to your audience, to cause them to choose you, over your competition?

Here are some great ways to increase customer loyalty and provide increased value to your customer base, so they choose to buy from you over and over again:

1) Write all emails and communications as you are writing them to one specific person, like a personal note. Remember, people don’t care particularly that they are part of your subscribers they care about getting their needs met, and they are on a search to find solutions to their problems.

2) Provide incentives for them to do the actions you are looking for. Train them in this way. One way to do it, is to reward them with bonuses when they refer friends. When they buy, especially it’s the right time to reward them in some way. Consider having a preferred customers club- either offering a discount, or extra bonus to people who have bought 2 times or more in the past.

3) Train them to click in your mails, preferably by writing part of the mail via text then having a link where they click to the blog. Just as they click to read the rest of the content, they will click also to reach your offers, and will be trained to click in general.

4) Consider doing teleseminars and webinars from time to time (perhaps 2x a month). This will increase responsiveness, build loyalty, and increase sales greatly. The reason is that it will set you apart versus everyone else, and bring you to a whole new level in the front of the minds of your prospects. It will position you as an expert, as you give them knowledge in these events.

5) Create videos and audios for release, perhaps one per week. Video is especially powerful, as it builds powerful bonds with your audience, and remember people buy from people they know, like and trust.

6) Surprise your audience. Overdeliver. Send them free bonuses from time to time, unannounced.

7) Joint venture with others in your field, in order to be able to provide bigger and better value to your audience. For example if your associate has a great product for your audience, why not do a teleseminar where you interview your associate, and he promotes his product. Then you can split the profits with your associate from sales.

Remember, the core tenant is to add value to others lives and to delight your customers and audience whenever you can. Through doing this you will increase loyalty and stomp out your competition, while delighting your customers!

Damian Leon, YOUR Internet Success Guide

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