Opt In Marketing : Seven Steps to Powerful Results

Damian Leon, YOUR Internet Success Guide

Damian Leon, YOUR Internet Success Guide

Opt In Marketing on the Internet can be extremely profitable. This article reveals 7 easy steps you can apply to get powerful results. Leading to many more customers and sales!

Opt In Marketing is extremely powerful. You see it every day on the Internet, stories of how some people are able to send a simple mail and generate thousands of dollars. Seemingly on demand. But, what does it take to create that sort of reality for yourself? It seems like an uphill battle at first, but you CAN get there. Here are 7 Easy Steps, starting from scratch, that will allow you to dominate in your opt in marketing efforts.

1) Choose a Niche: which means choose a target market you want to deal with. Maybe it’s Internet marketing, or maybe health and wellness. Once you’ve done that, get more specific. Maybe you want to target “SEO For Google” or “Preventing Cancer”. The reason is that as you get more specific, you have less competition and can compete better. Just make sure to check in the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to ensure that there are over 1000 searches per month for that keyword. Remember keywords like this are usually 2-3 words long.

2) Find or Create a Free Gift: You need to find or create a free gift to giveaway that can give immediate benefits to the person who receives the gift. You can find PLR (Private Label Rights) material by searching Google for PLR + your niche name. Furthermore, of course you can look to Wikipedia and other public domain websites for further input. Alternatively, you can create your own. It can be a PDF you create (save as PDF in Word at the end), an audio you buy the rights to or record, video, or other.

3) Create an Opt-In Page : Look around on the Internet. Go to pages where you see they are giving away free gifts in exchange for a First Name and Email. Find one that you would sign up for! Then download a free HTML editor like NVU. In your browser, click View: Source. Then copy all the source text, and paste it into the source tab in NVU. There you have a starting point. OF COURSE ensure that you have removed any copyrighted images etc and change it sufficiently to ensure it’s original. Place an Image of your gift on the page, with the top 4-5 benefits the prospect will receive from downloading it. Place this page on your server (you’ll need a hosting account).

4) Get an Autoresponder Account. An autoresponder is simply what collects the names and emails and mails them later. The only one that does the job for me is Aweber, because it allows the most flexibility and is by far the most reliable. In your autoresponder, you’ll want to create a list for this campaign. It shows you how to create the First Name and Email form too.

5) Drive Traffic to Your Opt-In Page. Just a few traffic methods you can use include: Article Marketing (with links on keywords), PR Releases, Video, Audio, JV Giveaway Events, JV Ad Swaps, SEO/Google Rankings, CPA and CPV Networks and More.

6) Create Multiple Streams of Traffic : Get good results from one, put that process in place, rinse and repeat. In not too long, you’ll have hundreds of people opting in every day to your list.

7) Nuture and Care for the List : Your listbuilding will be a lot more profitable if you send content as well as offers. Take care of them, be their teacher and friend, and solicit feedback. This will make things interactive and set you apart!

Damian Leon, YOUR Internet Success Guide

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